November 27, 2022

The series "Miners": episode Vl

The day before on YouTube is out sixth episode the series "Miners", a film created without the support of the Cinema Foundation and Ministry of Culture and Narrative ofmisadventures of the miner-adventurer Andy. The heroes of the first Russian series dedicated to cryptocurrency weekdays, which have already become familiar, again plunge into intrigue with all their might and try to solve complex problems that they themselves create at every step.

It is worth recalling that the web series is shot by the studio “Speaks and Shows”, which created such documentaries as “Cryptocurrencies. Gold of the digital age ”and“ State vs Bitcoin ”.

The basis of this whole story is more than intriguing:

In the sixth series, the protagonist, fearing a gangstermassacre, flees from the refuge that his enemy Sam granted him. Additionally, Sergey Sergeyevich, Andy’s former partner, is working with security agencies and trying to lure him into a meeting, which turns into a real action. In addition, now the hunt unfolds not only for the hapless Satoshi Nakamoto himself, but also for his girlfriend Olga.

So what happens if at least one moreSatoshi "fly out of the nest"? What can a more or less large amount be able to do with the bitcoin market? And most importantly: who will eventually get the wealth of the mysterious creator of Bitcoin?

The series was created with the support of the Academy of Private Investors and the CryptoUnit program (CRU). The latest news can be tracked in the telegram channel of the project and its official group in VK.

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