September 23, 2023

The Republic of San Marino introduced the state register of blockchain companies

One of the smallest states in the world, San Marino has officially unveiled a register of blockchain companies and invites companies working in the field of blockchain to take part in certification.

The project was initiated by the Institute of InnovationSan Marino In order to enter the register, companies must submit an application through a form on the organization’s website. In this case, only those companies that fully comply with the requirements of San Marino will be entered in the register.

Companies will have to pass a special test forin order to confirm transparency, quality of services and proper market positioning. The San Marino Innovation Institute will conduct additional audits annually. Sergio Mottola, President of the Innovation Institute, noted:

“The interest of foreign investors is very high and weWe hope to attract even more investors, which will affect the economy of the whole Republic. Blockchain companies will gain an advantage in the form of a regulatory framework with clear and defined requirements. The registry will allow for a quick and clear dialogue between public authorities and private companies. ”

Recall that in April of this year, the Republic of San Marino presented plans for its formation as the leading global blockchain center.