January 28, 2023

The potential of the cryptocurrency market for stock speculation and investment

Greetings, colleagues!

In November, as promised, an open meeting of our trading club and Crypto Schools on Analysis Techniquescryptocurrency market and its potential for speculation and investment. IMHO, it turned out to be very informative and somewhere even heuristic

- why the technical and fundamental analysis does not work on the cryptocurrency market;
- disadvantages of trading on signals from “social platforms”, technological indexing and the use of crypto hedge funds;
- impulses of movements in the crypto market;
- five criteria for evaluating the news background;
- mechanics Pump & Dump;
- go and dream of the "great X";
- What is Technology Guessing?
- the importance of the type of issue;
- our taxonomy of crypto assets;
- attitude to short positions, stop loss, shoulders and crypto futures.