December 5, 2023

The next Ethereum Classic hard fork will be held in January

The Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency development team presented plans to update the test and main networkblockchain. Hard fork was called Agharta.

ETC developers will introduce offers on their networkto improve Ethereum (EIP), which at the second capitalization cryptocurrency implemented along with the Constantinople update. These are EIP 145, EIP 1014, and EIP 1052. After upgrading Agharta, the Ethereum Classic network should become fully compatible with Ethereum. No other changes are planned with Agharta hard fork.

On test networks Morden, Mordor and KottiAghrata update will be installed on November 13, November 20 and December 11, respectively. On the Ethereum Classic core network, the update will activate on January 15 of next year.

“ETC Labs will continue to develop the Ethereum ecosystemClassic. We are proud to work with Chainsafe, SecondState, Whiteblock, Gitcoin, BloqCloud, Swarm and the wide Ethereum Stack developer community. Ethereum Classic and Ethereum grow from the same root and technical compatibility between them will allow both networks to develop better, but at the same time keep unique differences. A recent fork of Atlantis began this process, and Agharta will complete it, ”the developers emphasized.

Hardfork Atlantis in Ethereum Classic network passedin the first half of September. The update included 10 Improvement Suggestions (EIPs) that improved network stability, security and performance, and added support for opcodes, zk-SNARK (zero-disclosure evidence), and pre-compiled contracts.