June 15, 2021

The network sells a database of Russian car owners

</span>src = ”/ wp-content / uploads / 2020/05 / ea4ddec6217d74db5752bd3cd1c8a5a2.jpg” alt = ”The database of Russian car owners is being sold on the network” /></p>

At one of the darknet forums, anyone can purchase a complete database of Russian car owners.

The relevance of the information posted has confirmedan employee of one of the car-sharing companies, noting that the database has collected data from the beginning of the 90s. For 0.3 BTC (about $ 2800), customers are offered 129 million personal files from the registry of the State traffic inspectorate.

As an example, hackers posted forfamiliarization with all available information about brands, models, dates of initial and last registration, but without information about the owners. Upon purchase, the user receives full information about car owners with their confidential data.

A complete database can be purchased for just 1.5 BTC (about $ 14 thousand).

Last year was a record leak rateuser data. Due to an error on the DX.Exchange exchange, client data leaked at the beginning of last year. The personal contact details of millions of people who use Instagram were published on the Internet in May. BitMEX employees accidentally divulged user email data, forgetting to use blind carbon copy (bcc) in a mass mailing in November.

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