April 25, 2024

The most powerful asics for mining profitable cryptocurrencies

The most powerful asics for mining profitable cryptocurrencies

In summer, cryptocurrency rates have grown and a littlerenewed interest in mining equipment. In this regard, we have compiled a list of the most energy-efficient asics for mining Bitcoin and other profitable coins.

Bitoin, BitcoinCash (SHA-256)

It should immediately be noted that Bitmain is stillexperienced a protracted crisis. Over the past 5-6 years, the mining industry could not be imagined without a Chinese factory, but in 2018 the company began to close its branches in different countries. There were opinions that the industry leader might close down altogether, but the rumors were not justifiedmyself. In August, news appeared that the plant was purchasing more than 600,000 chips for new devices and planned to resume work on the IPO.

On September 9th, Bitmain announced the launch of Antminer S17e sales. Key Features of S17e:

  • Hashrate: 64 Th / s.
  • Energy Efficiency: 65 J / h.
  • Price: $ 2683.

The most powerful asics for mining profitable cryptocurrencies

It is noteworthy that on the official Bitmain websitethe devices are already sold out, although the date of shipment from the factory will not happen earlier than November 20. A feature of the miner was a new cooling system, which should increase the service life and stability. The upgrade received software that will now be less prone to attack by attackers to steal bitcoins. A similar problem was identified in Antminer S15, which made it possible for hackers to change the address for paying remuneration for the extracted blocks.

Grin (Cuckatoo31)

At the moment, the most powerful ASIC for mining Green remains Innosilicon G32 1800, the main characteristics of which exceed the performance of competitors several times:

  • Hashrate: 328 H / s.
  • Power Consumption: 1800 watts.
  • Price: $ 10,630.

The incredibly high price is due to the cosmic indicators of daily Asik profitability, which reach $ 170, taking into account electricity and pool commissions.

Siacoin (Blake2b-Sia)

The best miner for Ciacoin is Obelisk SC1 Immersion. Characteristics of the device:

  • Hashrate: 2.2 Th / s.
  • Power Consumption: 1800 watts.
  • Cooling: immersion.
  • Price: $ 7,000.

The main problem in the operation of this ASIC is the immersion type of cooling, which is not suitable for everyone. 

The most powerful asics for mining profitable cryptocurrencies

Obelisk established a monopoly on Siacoin mining, removing Bitmain and other powerful factories through hard fork coins from competitors.

PacCoin, DASH (X11)

The cryptocurrency PacCoin is great forintroducing the function of paying for goods with cryptocurrency in online stores, while remaining a profitable coin for mining. The best PacCoin mining equipment is StrongU STU-U6. Product Features:

  • Hashrate: 660 Gh / s.
  • Power Consumption: 1300 watts.
  • Price: $ 2000.

If the customer does not trust Satoshi Miners, which manufactures StrongU, then alternatives from FusionSilicon can be considered.

Monacoin (Lyra2REv2)

FusionSilicon devices are better than otherscope with mining Monacoin. For almost a year now, the most relevant ASIC remains FusionSilicon X1, which appeared on the market in early 2019. Characteristics:

  • Hashrate: 12.96 Gh / s.
  • Power Consumption: 1110 watts.
  • Price: $ 3,000.

Unfortunately, the device is called very noisy (72 dB) and breakdowns often occur due to the poor quality of the boards. 

The most powerful asics for mining profitable cryptocurrencies

An alternative is Dayun Zig Z1 Pro, but the efficiency of this device is inferior to FusionSilicon (with the same hashrate, Dayung consumes 36 kW per day, and FusionSilicon - 26 kW).