August 4, 2021

The most interesting projects at CES 2021

The most interesting projects at CES 2021

That this time the annual InternationalThe CES Consumer Electronics Show was held entirely in digital format with no impact on exciting innovative projects and solutions. This year, leading developers showcased technical advances that confirm that the future has already arrived.

Samsung digital cockpit that turns the car into a center of entertainment

As the development of self-driving car technology has accelerated in recent years, the South Korean electronics manufacturer has introduced its own vision of the interior. The proposed cockpit concept of the future contains a variety of devices for entertaining passengers while driving.

The key element is the 49-inchQLED display with immersive sound system. In addition to it, the cockpit contains many smaller screens with a wide range of tools for video conferencing, gaming, watching TV shows and even editing videos.

The most interesting projects at CES 2021

The displays can also display otherinformation, for example, on the health status of passengers. This function will be provided by a new system of the company, which is able to monitor the indicators of human vital activity and analyze the dynamics of their changes. It can control lighting, music and smells to help relax passengers, or wake up on the eve of arriving at their destination.

On the outside of the car, a display is also placed, designed to interact with other vehicles and pedestrians in order to ensure their safety.

TCL Scroll Sliding Tablet

Chinese technical project presentationcompany looked like a clip from a science fiction movie. The concept of a scrollable 17-inch tablet is impressive to say the least.

The most interesting projects at CES 2021

According to the developers, the flexible display is created using injection printing technology on a 0.18mm OLED panel. This combination allows you to fold and unfold it like a paper roll.

Although only a prototype was presented at the exhibitionand the company still has a lot of work to do to create a fully functional product, but this technical achievement is very close to commercialization.

Lenovo compact augmented reality glasses

Such solutions develop rather slowly,but they are no longer new and are turning into a functional tool. At CES 2021, Lenovo unveiled its ThinkReality A3 compact augmented reality glasses for professional use.

The most interesting projects at CES 2021

The built-in 1080p display is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 chip. They can be used to create virtual monitors, view 3D objects, and immersive learning.

LG foldable screen

An equally interesting technical achievementis a 48-inch OLED gaming TV that converts from flat to curved. LG's concept stipulates that the display is flat during normal viewing, but when the user starts a video game, the device responds quickly and begins to bend to a radius of 1 m, with a possible refresh rate ranging from 40 Hz to 120 Hz.

The most interesting projects at CES 2021

The transformation process is mesmerizing

Reachy solution allowing anyone to remotely control a robot

Pollen Robotics has introduced a convenientan app for the era of the coming home automation. The system consists of a virtual reality helmet, hand controllers and artificial intelligence-based algorithms. It allows the user to control a humanoid robot from anywhere in the world.

The most interesting projects at CES 2021

These tools open up a ton of opportunities for tech companies.

Samsung assistant robots that can do most of your homework

A new line of home robots of the company is createdin order to save us from many household chores. All of them are equipped with an AI system, displays, cameras, a set of sensors and wireless communication for interacting with other "smart" technology.

Bot Handy has a mechanical analogue of a hand withcapture. It is able to recognize the size, shape, mass of objects and the material from which they are made in order to determine the correct impact force. The robot can set the table, load the dishwasher, pick up the laundry, and even pour you a glass of wine.

The most interesting projects at CES 2021

Robotic Personal Assistant Bot Care is created,to recognize and respond to human behavior and emotions. For example, he can make an appointment, help with video communication, remind you to warm up when working at the computer for a long time, and make other recommendations during the day.

More interesting things

During the remaining days, many other amazing technical advances will be presented at the exhibition, which we will also tell about.