September 26, 2021

The Minister of Finance of England will act for the safe use of cryptocurrencies

The Minister of Finance of England Rishi Sunak shared his opinion about the potential and the prospect of introducing digital assets into United Kingdom.


By his words, the introduction of safe support for cryptocurrencies and stablecoins requires "new forms".

The Chancellor added that due to differences of opinion between the European Union and the UK on Brexit, the state is forced to take unauthorized steps in development

The British are ready to move forward and will collaborate with global financial calls in the interpecax of the country's policy.

“During the next summer, we will conduct a largethe reform of financial services. Eto budet ucilenie nashego konkupentnogo ppeimuschectva in cfepe financovyx u.chlug, cont ppedoctavleniya u.chlug nashim coobschectvam and mezhdunapodnaya Teletext, nappavlennaya nA uctanovlenie bolee vycokix mipovyx ctandaptov ".


The sun also touched on the topics of digital currencies and the Bank of England, adding that he constantly consults on the implementation of the cryptocurrencies and believes in the power of new technologies.

The official stressed that the government and the Bank of England should manage the impact of new trends on the British economy and society as a whole.