February 5, 2023

"The markets are crazy"

Managing Partner of DTI Algorithmic Alexander Butmanov on the air of Euronews Birzi from 11.11.2019 discusses problems stock market, current investment strategies, the functions of hedge funds and the development of the crypto universe:

“I believe that the New Year rally will be - and will be very strong. Up to 5-10% of the current values. This is a lot for S&P, given that the average annual index return is about 6%. ”

In the video:

  • 0:20 - Disputes over the EU draft budget
  • 3:00 - Are the markets crazy?
  • 5:40 - What a huge amount of buyout says
  • 6:38 - There will be no middle scenario: either “saw” or “armageddon”
  • 7:19 - Why passive investing now wins
  • 9:22 - What investment strategies are now, in principle, relevant in the market?
  • 9:54 - What do hedge funds actually pay for?
  • 11:22 - Correction is just around the corner
  • 11:40 - Will there be a New Year rally this time?
  • 13:16 - What to expect from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • 14:56 - Why Bakkt did not shoot
  • 17:04 - On the conflict between Telegram and SEC: “it seems that the intern wrote a 100-page SEC document, and this is a great gift”
  • 19:23 - About investment ideas in the American stock market
  • The live recording can be viewed below or directly on our YouTube channel.

    Alexander Butmanov about the problems of the stock market and the conflict between Telegram and SEC</p>

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