June 14, 2024

The launch of the high-performance Kadena PoW blockchain

Brooklyn-based blockchain startup Kadena has launched a PoW blockchain mainnet with a stated goal of 10,000 Tps at lowcommissions.


Most of the native KDA tokens will go to reward the miners, but the startup allocated another 30 million for the conduct of two token sales on the CoinList site. The developers plan to raise up to $ 20 million.

As part of the first sale, the price of the token will be $ 1. At the same time, US residents, for example, will not be able to acquire an asset. In the second round, the startup will remove restrictions on investor residency and allow you to buy tokens at $ 0.50 with the term of mandatory retention until the end of 2020.

In the past, Kadena has already raised $ 15 million, including from Scalar Capital affiliated with Coinbase.

Recall that in September, the beta version of the main network of the Hedera Hashgraph PoS blockchain was launched with the claimed bandwidth of 10,000 Tps.