December 2, 2022

The launch date of the Istanbul update on the Ethereum network became known

On December 4, at block 9 056 000, the next Ethereum update called Istanbul will be activated. Date decision The launch was taken by Ethereum developers on October 25th.

During the meeting, the developers also agreedthat in case of unforeseen problems with updating the software, activation of the main Istanbul network may be delayed until January 8.

During the last Constantinople updateEthereum developers really had to delay activation of the update for a month due to a critical vulnerability discovered just 48 hours before the planned deployment. This time, they decided to cover the possible delays that may arise due to unforeseen circumstances with pre-set dates.

Ethereum Foundation developer Piper Merriam said:

Now there is nothing that could prevent the launch in the first week of December. Now we just set some simple support dates and if necessary we can change our decision later.

Coming Ethereum Changes

It is expected that in December the code will be introducedsix incompatible changes. The most controversial of them, known as EIP 1884, will increase the computing costs for application developers on the Ethereum blockchain. At the same time, higher fees will help to better protect the platform worth $ 18 billion from potential denial of service attacks or spam.

Other changes will make additional adjustments.into the work of the Ethereum platform, including code operations that application developers can use to more quickly verify and authenticate blockchain data.