September 19, 2021

The largest extractive company will be engaged in bitcoin mining

The third largest company in the world of Saudi Aramco plans to enter the space of cryptocurrencies.


Referring to information, Presented by the Brazilian bitcoin miner Ray Haccer during an interview on the YouTube channel Bitconheiros, it is generally stated that the near-current oil gigantic repair

“We are negotiating with Aramco.All black liquid [oil] coming out of the wilderness belongs to this company. It is enough to “turn on” half of the bitcoin network, only from this one company, ”Haccep said.

Reasonably, if from the flare gas that is wasted, it is possible to get a lot of profit, the company does not necessarily do it.

It is believed that Aramco is already taking advantage of theblockchain to increase its operational efficiency, safety and reduce costs. The company has already invested in two blockchain platforms Data Gumbo and VAKT to get rid of paperwork.

“Aramco is investing significant amounts inblockchain technology and work closely with their business partners to encourage them to implement this technology. Aramco has deployed its corporate blockchain platform in partnership with IBM, which will allow Aramco to expand solutions based on this technology, "- announced the Aramco.