July 25, 2021

The largest Bitcoin holder drowned in the Pacific Ocean

The largest Bitcoin holder drowned in the Pacific Ocean

One of the earliest proponents of bitcoin, Mircea Popescu, died on the shores of Costa Rica.

According to local The authorities, a drowned tourist found on the coast on June 23, was identified as Mircea Popescu, a Polish citizen.

Mircea has repeatedly claimed that he is the only one inthe world owns 1 million bitcoins. However, not everyone believed in the veracity of his claims, estimating his investment at around 300,000 BTC. The investor has a wife and children, but it is not yet known whether they have access to any part of Pompescu's portfolio.

The death of Pompescu can mean either the loss of a huge amount of BTC (can be regarded as a bullish signal) or their impending release on the market (will entail a decline in prices).

Mircea Popescu was one of the most conservativesupporters of bitcoin, not accepting the possibility of the slightest change in the original idea of ​​Satoshi. According to some sources, he paid for the surveillance of the developer Peter Welle, who advocated increasing the block size of bitcoin, and also set a bounty on his head.

The death of Popescu was confirmed by the partner of the Adamant Capital crypto fund Tur Demeester and the web developer Diana Coman.

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