June 17, 2024

The international regulator mentioned cryptocurrencies among the main investment threats of 2020

NASAA, an investor rights organization that unites stock market regulators in the United States,Canada and Mexico named cryptocurrency investments one of the top five threats in 2020.


In NASAA evaluated the appeal of investors, the numberongoing investigations and trends in the work of regulatory authorities. Along with cryptocurrency projects, the list of potentially fraudulent offers included promissory notes, real estate investments, social media investment schemes and Ponzi schemes.

The organization urged to be wary of &#171;limited and urgent&#187; offers, as well as guaranteed profits with minimal risks.

NASAA experts emphasized that no one can guarantee a profit, and pointed out the importance of a full understanding of the product in which investors invest.

They also recommended that licenses and permits of investment enterprises be carefully checked.

Recall that earlier the Central Bank of the Russian Federation increased the limit on the amount of risky transactions for unskilled investors from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles.