February 22, 2024

The head of Ripple predicted the disappearance of 99% of cryptocurrencies

Most cryptocurrencies will disappear and only quality assets will remain. This opinion was expressed by Ripple CEO BradGarlinghouse forecast for 2020.


According to him, in the near future uselessnessmore than 3,000 existing digital assets will become clear to everyone and consolidation will occur. As a result, cryptocurrencies that have real use and market demand will remain.

Garlinghouse added that the number of coins that survive is a moot point, but he believes that it is about 1%.

CoinMarketCap has 4972 digital assets, and CoinGecko 6449.

Earlier, analyst Larry Chermak came to the conclusion that the price of 95% of the existing cryptocurrencies is technically equal to zero, since they do not have any liquidity.

Trader and analyst Ton Weiss also predicted the death of altcoins. In his opinion, they will be replaced by bitcoin.

There are also those who expect a new bubble in altcoins and an increase in the cryptocurrency market to $ 11 trillion.

Recall, the head of Ripple called the outgoing year the strongest in the history of the company.