April 21, 2021

The head of MicroStrategy told how much bitcoins he owns

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor announced that not only the company he leads, but himself holds a significant portion of its assets in bitcoin.

“Some ask how much I ownBTC, he wrote. - Personally, I play 17,732 BTC, which I bought at an average of $ 9,882 per unit. I informed MicroStrategy of these assets before the company decided to buy bitcoin for itself. "

Thus, Sailor's personal assetscryptocurrency equal to almost half of the company's investments. MicroStrategy owns 38,250 bitcoins, on which it spent $ 425 million. It follows that the average purchase of 1 BTC for it was $ 11,111.

On Tuesday, MicroStrategy announced its readiness to increase its investment in Bitcoin, noting the positive impact of this investment on its business.

“We are seeing significant and unexpectedthe benefits of your Bitcoin investment when evaluating a company's profile in the broader market. This has a beneficial effect on our overall reputation and raises awareness of us among potential clients, ”said President Fong Li.

Sailor also noted that PayPal's recent announcement of its intention to add support for bitcoin is helping the cryptocurrency "gain full power."

“Square's support in development and promotionbitcoin, the very addition of bitcoin to its balance sheets is a big deal. Now that PayPal has announced that they are going to add it to their application too, I think it is gaining full power. When PayPal adds it to Venmo next year, I think it will be a big plus, ”he said.