April 25, 2024

The head of DigiByte criticized the “trolls and bots” from TRON. Poloniex responded by delisting coins

DigiByte cryptocurrency founder Jared Tate criticized the Poloniex exchange for joining the «centralizedproject» TRON. A few hours later, Poloniex announced the delisting of DigiByte.


&#171;I'm disgusted by all these trolls and bots from TRON,who attack me and call a 100% centralized network a gift from God. Poloniex turned into a manual TRON factory after receiving sensitive data from US clients.Tate wrote.

He pointed out that TRON founder Justin Sun personally controls 34 billion TRX tokens: of the total issue of 100 billion TRX, only 66 billion coins are in circulation.

Among other things, Jared Tate called &#171;nepotism&#187; connection between TRON and the Binance exchange.


&#171;Binance controls 56% of TRON voting power. Thus, Changpeng Zhao and Justin Sun control 25 of the 27 nodes of the TRX network.

A few hours after the publication of this series of tweets, the Poloniex exchange announced the delisting of the DigiByte cryptocurrency.


“After a thorough analysis, we decided that DigiByte did not meet our standards. Details will be announced later. ”- wrote Poloniex.

However, users are confident that in this way the site responded to Tate's publications.

Recall that in November the founder of the TRON blockchain platform Justin Sun confirmed that he was part of a group of investors who bought the Poloniex exchange from the Bitcoin startup Circle.

In December, a message appeared on Poloniex's Twitter account calling to buy TRON. After 28 minutes, the platform deleted the tweet.