June 15, 2021

The hacker group Anonymous threatens Elon Musk

The hacker group Anonymous threatens Elon Musk

Decentralized hacker group Anonymous criticized Elon Musk's activities.

In the video that was posted on the group's YouTube channel, it says:

“Many people are only now learning that the lion'sTesla's share of profits does not come from selling electric vehicles. Tesla gets a lot more from government subsidies that support clean energy. We are confident that bitcoin was also bought with money from subsidies. Many believe that Tesla refused to accept BTC just to keep the green government money flowing into the company. ”

Anonymous continued:

“You knew about the problems of energy consumption of bitcoin,but I remembered about them only when there was a risk of ceasing to receive money from the state. The games you play in the crypto market are destroying lives. Millions of investors were counting on the profit from their investments. You will not understand this, because you grew up in a wealthy family. Of course, every investor is willing to take risks. But your tweets show complete disdain for the average hard worker. And while they keep losing money, you make fun of them on your twitter. You may consider yourself the smartest, but now you have met a worthy opponent. We are Anonymous. Wait for us".

Among other things, the Anonymous community is responsible for hacking the sites of the European Parliament, Interpol, the Vatican, as well as the Egyptian government.

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