September 23, 2023

The founder of the pyramid OneCoin will become the main character of the British series

BBC Sounds' popular cryptocurrency missing podcast about the founder of the OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid Rugi Ignatova filmed. The rights to the film adaptation were received by New Regency Television International, reports Deadline.

The BBC podcast was very popular in the UK. Over the four months of last year, it was downloaded 3.5 million times, which allowed it to take first place in the UK iTunes charts.

To develop the script, New Regency invited the co-authors of the podcast. It is planned that the story of Ignatova will become a multi-part drama.

"Scriptwriters told a story about the dark sidetechnological change and how people can be fooled on such a massive scale. This is an instructive world-famous story of corruption, danger and deception, combined with unexpected twists, riddles and the global scale of the scandal, ”- stated in New Regency.

Recall, the British law enforcement authorities launched an investigation against OneCoin back in 2016.

During the BBC investigation, the damage from the pyramid was estimated at 15.4 billion euros.

The full story of how the Doctor of Law organized the OneCoin pyramid and went missing with billions of euros can be found in the exclusive ForkLog.