June 25, 2024

The first commercial electric plane made a test take-off

The first commercial electric plane made a test take-off

The world's first all-electric commercial jet made its first test flight in Vancouver on Tuesday.

The development of an electric motor for an airplaneengaged in engineering firm MagniX in conjunction with the Canadian airline Harbor Air. The electric motor and battery were installed on the upgraded 62-year-old seaplane DHC-2 De Havilland Beaver with six passenger seats. The first flight lasted only 15 minutes, and the airline’s CEO was at the helm.

The company states that the concept of commercial aviation inThe all-electric form is viable because it can save millions of dollars in fuel and maintenance costs.

Harbor Air plans to electrify its entirea fleet of 40 seaplanes, but she will have to wait at least two years. This time is necessary for testing, confirming the safety of technology, approval and certification by regulatory authorities.

The only drawback of early models isshort range. The first modernized seaplane with a lithium battery can fly only about 160 km. Although this is not enough for international flights, it is suitable for most short flights at Harbor Air

While engineers are improvingfood systems and increasing flight ranges, management plans to organize cheap flights that will allow local residents to quickly get to work or business meetings.

Airlines are improving not only technicalcomponent, but also design. For example, in July Airbus introduced the new Bird of Prey concept aircraft, the design of which can reduce fuel consumption by 30-50%.