June 7, 2023

The fifth series of Miners has been released on YouTube

On the eve of the fifth episode of the action series “Miners” was released, continuing the glow of a twisted plot with intriguing denouement. A detective in the popular Screen Life style is dedicated to the current topic of cryptocurrencies and became a debut in the genre of art cinema for the studio “Speaks and Shows”. The creators of such documentaries as Cryptocurrencies. The Gold of the Digital Age ”and“ State vs Bitcoin ”managed to show a truly non-trivial hero - Andy and lead him through a maze of plot intricacies over five episodes. And only the following episodes will lead the viewer to the finale of this difficult story.

The plot is twisted around the protagonist -adventurer and unfortunate miner Andy, into whose hands the hard disk gets, on which he finds the encrypted key from the wallet of Satoshi Nakamoto himself. It's time to solve problems with creditors.

But, the feint of fate affects not only lifeAndy himself, but, and those who in one way or another are related to his impudent gamble. Indeed, according to the power structures and bandits, the miner is in the hands of a powerful lever for pressure on the entire world economy.

Can the main character decide his financialproblems, to win the love and trust of a woman, not to fall under the press of representatives of law enforcement and criminal structures, and, most importantly, to make the person and story of Satoshi Nakamoto a little closer to the average layman?

The premiere of the fifth series of Miners took place on the RVISION channel. The latest news can be tracked in the telegram channel of the project and its official group in VK.

The series is filmed with the support of the Academy of Private Investors and the CryptoUnit Program (CRU).

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