January 23, 2021

The database of Russian Hyundai owners leaked to the network

The database of Russian Hyundai owners leaked to the network

Personal data of 1.3 million Russian Hyundai car owners were put up for sale.

The darknet offers a base data of Russian car owners Hyundai for $ 2000.

Data from hyundai.ru contain information for 2019 with details about cars sold, ordering spare parts for them and participating in test drives. In addition, the files contain the full names of the drivers, their phone numbers, addresses and e-mail.

There is no financial data among the information, howevereven this kind of information can be useful to car thieves, insurance agents and hackers. It is possible that members of the list will soon start receiving advertisements from other auto brands or phishing emails.

There can be several reasons for such information leakage: hacker hacking, outdated software, server vulnerability, or human error.

Hyundai has yet to make an official announcement. Roskomnadzor has already demanded that the company check whether there was a leak and report the reasons and measures to correct the situation.

This is not the first time Hyundai has faced privacy concerns. Last year, more than 300 company logins were leaked to the network.

Last summer, at one of the dacreweb forums, the personal data of 129 million Russian car owners appeared.

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