June 14, 2021

Crypto exchange Currency.com has become a partner of TradingView

Crypto exchange Currency.com has become a partner of TradingView

Regulated tokenized asset cryptocurrency exchange Currency.com has partnered with TradingView, one of the the largest communities of traders in the world.Now, Tradingview.com charts and tools are available directly in the Currency.com user account, which should allow the crypto exchange clients to quickly assess the market situation and make an informed decision.

Under the terms of the new partnership, the crypto exchangeCurrency.com will be integrated into the TradingView network of more than 13 million traders worldwide. Thanks to the integration, clients of the Currency.com crypto exchange will have convenient access to TradingView analytics and charts, and will also be able to share ideas and strategies with other traders in real time. At the same time, TradingView users will be able to trade on the Currency.com crypto exchange with minimal spreads and low commissions.

The partnership was commented by Vitaly Kedyk, Strategy Director at Currency.com:

“One of the priorities of Currency.com - constantly provide clients with the latest technology, educational content and the most up-to-date analytics so that they can trade confidently and with minimal risk. That is why partnership with TradingView is so important for us: advanced charts and analytical tools of this service will allow our clients to make the most informed decisions when trading and investing. Once integrated, the user experience across both platforms will be enhanced by the synergy between the award-winning Currency.com smart trading system and TradingView's top-notch analytical charting. ”

TradingView General Manager Pierce Crosby also commented on the partnership with Currency.com:

“We are very pleased to offer Currency services.com to our clients. More and more crypto platforms are integrating TradingView technology, and we are confident that this trend will continue. We have created a powerful marketplace where traders can connect to the best trading and investment services like Currency.com. The higher the level of transparency we can provide for the investment ecosystem, the better we can help each individual investor succeed in the financial markets. ”

TradingView services are already available in the user's account for all Currency.com clients, with the exception of users in the US, UK, France and Canada.

Detailed information is published on the official website www.currency.com

About crypto platform Currency.com

Currency.com is a crypto exchange for trading tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies, which provides high security and ease of trading. Hundreds of tokenized currencies and assets are available to customers, including tokenized shares of leading companies, tokenized indices and tokenized commodities.

Currency Com Bel LLC is a crypto platform operator,who is a resident of the HTP and has the authority to perform operations with digital signs (tokens). In 2020, Currency Com Limited received License # 25032 from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission to provide services related to distributed ledger technology. Early investors in the company include Viktor Prokopeni's VP Capital fund.

For more information visit www.currency.com

About TradingView

TradingView is one of the most popular in the worldcommunities of traders and investors, and a powerful market analytics platform. The service allows you to follow the dynamics of assets, find fresh ideas, communicate with other traders, detect trends and place orders directly on broker platforms.

  • All tools are available at www.tradingview.com and the free TradingView mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • For more information on services for websites and businesses, visit www.tradingview.com/widgets.

ATTENTION! An investment carries the risk of losing all investment. Past investment success does not mean future success. More details https://trade-smart.currency.com/adsinfo/

Crypto exchange Currency.com has become a partner of TradingView


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