February 22, 2024

The craziest cryptocurrency market development scenarios in 2019

The craziest cryptocurrency market development scenarios in 2019

Daria Generalova, the founder of the blockchain startup ICOBox, has published 6 of the craziest development scenarioscryptocurrency market in 2019. The crypto industry is famous for its unpredictability, so Generalova’s forecasts may come true.

NASDAQ will buy Binance for $ 1 billion

NASDAQ Stock Exchange Plans to Launchcryptocurrency trading platform in the first half of 2019. The new platform will begin to work after the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission approves the NASDAQ application. According to Daria, after the opening of the cryptocurrency platform, NASDAQ will offer Binance management to sell the exchange for $ 1 billion.

10 countries will release national cryptocurrencies

Generalova claims that in 2019US economic growth will stop, in her opinion, a global crisis is coming, due to which the dollar and other fiat currencies will collapse. To combat inflation, the states of many countries will follow the example of Venezuela and issue a national cryptocurrency.

The Ethereum rate will drop to $ 1.

Generalova predicts a "nuclear winter" in the market of the king of blockchains Ethereum (ETH).She believes that the rate of the coin will drop to $1 due to the fall in the popularity of ICOs and cryptocurrencieson the whole.

Only Bitcoin will mine

At the end of 2018, the mining industry happenedcollapse. Bitmain, the largest Bitcoin mining company (BTC), plans to cut its staff by half to make ends meet. According to Daria, in 2019, new shocks await miners. Of the 50 leading cryptocurrencies by capitalization level, only Bitcoin will mine, since the extraction of the remaining assets will not generate income.

Securities tokens will capture 10% of the market

In the crypto industry, stagnation is observed: the number of ICO projects is declining, the rate of many virtual currencies and trading volume are falling. Generalova believes that the future of digital assets lies with securities tokens. In place of ICO projects, companies will come that offer customers to buy tokens that give them the right to own shares of the enterprise (tokens-securities). ICOBox employees already note an increase in demand for this type of digital assets, in their opinion, in 2019 the share of token-securities will reach 10% of the total cryptocurrency capitalization level.

Bitcoin exchange rate will soar to $ 200,000

According to Generalova, in 2019 the price of goldwill fall by 30%, as was the case from 2008 to 2009 (then the cost of the metal decreased from $ 1,000 to $ 700 per ounce). The depreciation of the precious metal will force Central Banks to transfer 20% of their foreign exchange reserves to Bitcoin. Thanks to this, the cost of BTC will skyrocket to $ 200,000.