May 24, 2022

The Copoca Foundation is investing in bitcoin because of its success

Soros Fund Management Investment Director Don Fitzpatrick said that the fund is investing in the cryptocurrency industry, as it sets the variable torque for bitcoin and other crypto assets.

When she was asked if she owned bitcoins, Fitzpatrick magically replied that there was no way to answer this question.

He did not cover his personal crypto-assets, the top-manager told about his views on the crypto-currency industry:

“We think that the whole infrastructure inthe crypto space is really interesting. We have invested in this infrastructure and we think that now we have hit the breaking point. I would say that everything - from asset management stocks to such everyday things, like tax reporting on cryptocurrency reports and all of them, inter alia.

Then she said how the printing of money by the Federal Reserve System is a factor of bitcoin success.

“We are in a really important momenttime, when something like bitcoin could remain a second-rate asset. But in the last twelve months we have increased money mass in the United States by 25%. So what is the real stress of discounting fiat currencies. "

In her words, bitcoin is not a currency, but a product that is easy to store and transfer. The IRS also classifies it as a physical asset with a limited supply.

What you can buy from the central bankCBDC, Fitzpatrick noted that they will appear faster than people expect. At present, China is leading the CBDC race, since the country has already passed several tests of the digital yuan.

“There are several strategic reasons whythey are about to become the first. I appreciate it from a geopolitical point of view: they want to use currency around the world. And this is a potential threat to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. "

Despite the fact that Fitzpatrick thinks that CBDCs pose a threat to cryptocurrency, it will be temporarily, since it is impossible to be constantly bitten.