June 18, 2024

The concept of Satoshi has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary added the term "satoshi", which describes"the smallest unitBitcoin’s digital payment system, equal to 1/100000000 BTC. ”

The word Satoshi, which has become the newesta term added to the main historical dictionary of the English language was first used less than seven years ago. Linguists describe how a word appears, becomes more or less popular, and changes its meaning over time.

“Our task is to track and record a newlexicon. We could make new terms available to users of our dictionary as soon as they begin to become popular, ”the Oxford Dictionary says.

The word Satoshi first appeared in the newsroom.Ripple Project on Usenet. Then it was used by the Guardian in 2013 and the Times in 2017. It happened on behalf of the Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto, whose true identity is still unknown.

Note that the name Satoshi Nakamoto claimedmany people, the most famous of which can be called the Australian Craig Wright (Craig Wright). Also last year, the Hawaiian Ronald Keala Kua Maria (Ronald Keala Kua Maria) said that he was the inventor of the first cryptocurrency.