January 29, 2023

The company that laundered money from the BTC-e bitcoin exchange can be controlled by lawyer Timofei Musatov

Timofei Musatov, the lawyer of the alleged creator of the BTC-e bitcoin exchange Alexander Vinnik, may have attitude to one of the companies through which $ 4 billion in cryptocurrency was laundered. The editor of ForkLog was informed by the owner of the MoneyPolo payment system Sergey Mayzus.

Since November 2017, Meisus has upheld his courtsgoodwill, which he claims to have been affected by allegations of his involvement in the activities of the BTC-e exchange. In particular, he filed a lawsuit in the District Court of the Cyprus city of Limassol for compensation for damage caused to him and his reputation. Initially, he planned to recover damage from Alexander Vinnik and another 16 Cypriot companies.

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“As soon as we notified one of the 17 defendants,which was of most interest to me in terms of promoting the chain of beneficiaries - Edelvace Limited (number 7 in the lawsuit) - a copy of the lawsuit together with the transfer were in the hands of Timofei Musatov and RIA Novosti, his assistant to the media. And, of course, with the talking head of Musatov (Vinnik), Notice of Defense was immediately filed - a notice of entry into the proceedings as a defendant, ” - told Maysus.

However, during the year, Musatov sabotaged the trial in every possible way: the hearings were adjourned, and Vinnik himself did not provide a single document in his defense during this time.

"Understanding the fact that Vinnik was notno property was registered, and also clearly understanding Musatov’s strategy to make the process infinitely long, I was forced to withdraw my claims personally to Vinnik. Thus, Musatov was denied access to the evidence and documentary base disclosing the criminal activities of the BTC-e exchange. As a result, I won the court, " - said Maysus.

After that, the businessman began the procedure for recovering damage from the defendants, for which he applied to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a statement on the recognition in Russia of a decision of the Limassol District Court.

At the request of the court, Sergey Mayzus sent toone of the debtors - Canton Business Corporation - a notice translated into English through the DHL postal service. According to him, the debtor received mail.

“On September 24, a preliminary hearing was heldin the arbitration court of the city of Moscow, to which, of course, the debtor did not appear. But !!! ... O GODS! A representative of Musatov’s law office crawled into court with a petition to attract Alexander Vinnik as a third party, although he doesn’t appear in the case at all, ” - noted Sergey Mayzus.

As the lawyer explained, his application is related to the collection of funds from Canton Business Corporation in the amount of 20.3 million euros and $ 500 thousand.

The company that laundered money from the BTC-e bitcoin exchange can be controlled by lawyer Timofei Musatov

The company that laundered money from the BTC-e bitcoin exchange can be controlled by lawyer Timofei Musatov

According to the text of the petition, Vinnik’s surname appears among the defendants in the suit of Sergei Mayzus, which is why the subject of the dispute affects his legal rights and interests.

“Based on the foregoing, I ask that A. V. Vinnik enter the arbitration case as a third party who does not state independent claims regarding the subject of the dispute”, - the document says.

Based on this situation, Maisus suggests thatAttorney Timothy Musatov is directly associated with Canton Business Corporation and Edelvace Limited, and also wants to gain access to the evidence base in the BTC-e case by any means in order to be able to influence the course of the proceedings.

Recall, in one of the correspondence lawyer TimothyMusatov called Sergei Mayzus “his fee”, saying that he had written some “powers of attorney” that give him the right to recover from Mayzus “all that is possible.” Maizus himself does not know what specific powers of attorney are in question, but he personally saw one signed by Vinnik.

According to ForkLog, lawyer TimothyMusatov puts pressure on his client Alexander Vinnik, controlling his family. Vinnik himself is still in a Greek prison, where he is awaiting a decision on his extradition, petitioned by three countries: the USA, France and the Russian Federation.