May 25, 2022

The Central Bank warned of the formation of a bubble threatening the ruble on the crypto market

In the annual report, the regulator told what risks the growth of digital assets carries for the country's economy and citizens.

The spread of cryptocurrencies brings significantrisks for the economy and financial stability of Russia, the Central Bank is sure. In the annual report, the regulator emphasized that the growing interest of Russian citizens, a significant amount of investments and high risks of operations with cryptocurrencies create potential systemic threats.

“There is a risk of undermining the circulation of money andloss of the sovereignty of the national currency, as well as the increased risks of an overflow of savings from the traditional financial system to the unregulated segment of cryptocurrencies, which threatens to reduce the financial stability of banks,” the report says.

The Central Bank also added that cryptocurrencies createthreats to the well-being of citizens - the growth of the cryptocurrency market largely reflects the formation of a “bubble” in the market, cryptocurrencies have the characteristics of financial pyramids, the possibilities for legal protection of investors are extremely limited, investments in cryptocurrencies can be completely lost both due to exchange rate volatility and as a result of fraudulent activities and cyber threats.

The regulator recalled that cryptocurrencies are massively used to make payments as part of criminal activities. The Central Bank has begun regular monitoring of trends related to cryptocurrencies.

The report states that, according to some estimates, inIn 2021, the volume of transactions of Russian citizens with cryptocurrencies reached $5 billion. Russians actively used crypto exchanges, and the country was also among the world leaders in terms of mining capacity.