February 1, 2023

The Central Bank of France is looking for specialists in the blockchain

Central Bank of France Banque de France Post Jobs as Analyst and Development Engineer in blockchain areas.

An analyst’s job description says thatthe specialist will work in the financial stability department and should have experience in the field of cryptocurrency economy, as well as with open and closed blockchains. The bank is also looking for a development engineer to explore the possibilities of using blockchain for key banking functions.

As for the position of analyst, then asQuorum, Hyperledger, and Corda provide examples of the work experience of the applicant with closed blockchains, while mentioning open blockchains refers to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The bank wants the analyst to participate in joint experiments with other blockchain experts, test the proof of concepts on the basis of the blockchain inside and outside the bank and identify economic issues related to the implementation of monetary policy.

The Central Bank of France has long been interested in blockchain. In December 2016, the bank tested the digital identification system, during which the blockchain was used to manage the indicators used to identify lenders in the Unified European Payment System (SEPA). A few months after this, the bank manager announced that an innovative fintech laboratory will also be opened, which will also include blockchain startups.

Despite his interest in technology,in March 2018, the bank proposed to ban insurance, banking and trust companies from participating in operations with crypto assets. Recently, however, the bank’s position has softened, and last month, Denis Beau, deputy bank manager, called for a global regulatory framework to regulate crypto assets. In May, it also became known that the Central Bank of France is studying the production of stablecoins.