December 11, 2023

The Cardano team postponed the activation of the Vasil hard fork

The Cardano team postponed the activation of the Vasil hard fork

The developers have moved the activation of the Vasil hard fork to the Cardano network. According to IOG CTO KevinHammond, the team wants to make sure that all parties to the process are ready for the upgrade.

“Obviously it could take a few more weeks,before we move on to the actual implementation of Vasil. This is incredibly important. All users must be ready for the hard fork in order for the process to go smoothly,” Hammond said.

He also noted that IOG is focused onsolving some problems in the testnet, gradually moving towards the release of Cardano 1.35.2 software version. The new client fixes a number of bugs identified during testing, including those related to decentralized applications.

"The goal is to eliminaterecent problems as we approach the hard fork. We're fixing tester-focused features to get things right and without rush,” he added.

Vasil includes four suggestions for improvementCardano networks aimed at reducing transaction fees and increasing network security. Update  will also simplify interaction with the project’s smart contracts. 

Initially, the hard fork was planned to be activated at the end of June 2022, but then the date was postponed to the next month.

Let us remind you that in July, the developers deployed the Vasil update on the Cardano testnet.

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