December 4, 2020

The British are developing an unmanned robot for road repair

The British are developing an unmanned robot for road repair

The University of Liverpool has funded a robotic system developed by Robotiz3D to effectively repair the road surface.

Researchers estimate that every yearThe UK spends about $ 1.3 billion on road maintenance. Such huge costs are largely due to the use of manual labor. Therefore, to accelerate the commercialization of the project, the Laboratory of Robotic Engineering of the University transferred the rights to its developments in this direction to private hands.

Robotiz3D will use scientists patented models of artificialintelligence and robotic systems to create an autonomous robot ARRES. He will be able to independently detect defects in the road surface, assess their significance and, if necessary, correct. According to the developers, the system will not only eliminate potholes, but also prevent their formation at the stage of the appearance of pavement cracks.

Liverpool University expects a newthe technology will significantly reduce the cost and time of road repair, as well as increase the safety and environmental friendliness of the process in comparison with the methods used today.

In addition to new service solutions,the researchers are also improving the coatings themselves. We previously reported on the development of shock-absorbing pavement and cycle asphalt that dramatically reduces injury from falls.