February 22, 2024

The blockchain and decentralized systems book is now available to students around the world.

Distributed Lab's Blockchain and Decentralized Systems Tutorial Is Now Absolutely Freeavailable to students from all over the world.

As Pavel Kravchenko, co-founder and CEO of Distributed Lab, wrote on Facebook, in order to receive a free electronic version of the book "Blockchain and Decentralized Systems" in Russian, Ukrainian or English, you must fill out the attached form, indicating the university email.

This book reveals a number of questions from the field ofdecentralized technologies, starting with the history of their appearance and ending with the difficulties of application. The material is focused on why this or that technology is implemented in this way.

Authors - Pavel Kravchenko, Bogdan Scriabin and OksanaDubinin - focuses on the technical and fundamental aspects of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and the level of applications, giving the reader the opportunity to deeply understand the basics.

The publication is designed for a wide audience: scientific workers, teachers, graduate students, students with basic knowledge in the field of cryptography and information technology - all who are interested in decentralized technology issues. However, despite many technical details, the authors present complex concepts with the help of clear examples from real life.

The book “Blockchain and decentralized systems. Part 1 ”was approved as a textbook for students of technical universities of Ukraine. It was based on the materials of a free online course on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the first part of which was launched in January 2018.

The second part of the Distributed Lab course was presented in the summer of 2019.

Both parts of the book are recommended for use in educational institutions by the Academic Council of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics.