October 1, 2022

The best hits of Misha J.: The cryptotema is dead, but the crypto exchange is not there yet.

Misha Zhukhovitsky with a new classic explaining where cryptocurrency owners can still earn real money, despite the general collapse and decline of the cryptotema. And also what target audience to focus on so as not to be left with debts and without pants.

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Crypt died and generally a boring topic. But since talked the other day with the owner of the crypto-exchange, I will express a couple of thoughts. A man invested a lot of money and time on the exchange. There is no exhaust, only a loss. There are no users. Asked a question: how to start making money on the exchange?

Two years ago, everyone rushed to do crypto-exchanges. Starting from people like Grachev, who don’t understand anything at all about finances or exchanges. Finishing, sort of, financiers. They all ran around the confets and told how cool they were. They gave a lot of interviews. Someone received direct investments on their stock exchange. Someone gathered at the ICO.

Total: they all got garbage. Reason: rushing about with their ideas, completely not interested in what users need. Someone like United Traders, I totally understand. If you have already collected normally attendants, why strain something.

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In an interview with the owner of the exchange, I said that livestock to exchanges in the CIS brings only the following:

1. Collect and throw.

The train left in 2017. You can forget. Suckers holding money on new exchanges, no more.

2. Anonymous crypto purchase.

The best example is Ukrainian EXMO. They have purchase codes, as BTC-e had.

Go to bestchange, the largest aggregator forbuying crypts. What do we see? 1700 exchangers! And they all compete with each other. And just a couple of crypto exchanges selling codes. They even have their own separate button in the bestchain menu.

The leader in volume is exmo. EXMO has a European registration, a crazy amount of money input methods. At the same time, for years they put a bolt on the identification of users, no police or the European regulator itches. Earning on the codes is crazy. Code release - 1%. Spread by codes - from 1%. Total, 2% without any payment systems and troubles. This is not counting those who remain and merge their crypt.

Entering the code selling market is very easy, there is almost no competition here.

Audience: drug traffic buying a crypt.

3. Ludomania.

This beautiful word is called gaming addicts, people addicted to gambling.

The best example of an exchange in the CIS that is begging for ludomania is Ukrainian yobit. Yobit is not a cryptocurrency exchange. Yobit is a pure casino.
They go there only to play coins,which "releases" Yobit itself. Except Yobit, these coins are not traded anywhere. These coins have no blockchain. No marketing. No public owners. There is nothing at all except a line with the name on the yobite. Yobit himself regulates the course of the coin, with his hands. Coins are growing in price at a terrible rate, at 10-30% per day. And then they collapse in one second. Those who managed to pull out the grandmothers are good fellows.

Naturally, admins of yobit sit and look at a curvecoin entry growth. Many investors entered the rules of the headstock - everything, breaking a coin. Leaving himself a valuable little cricket, for which the investor bought a coin invented by the iobite. Investor demand is stable, as the chance to win for them is much higher than in a classic casino.

Yobit is a completely anonymous site. Yobit began to rivet his coins a couple of years before the binance launched his lunch (in fact, a similar garbage). And this is the most ideal example of earnings for an exchange in the CIS. The exchange does not fall under the ban on casino advertising. Does not fall under financial regulation.

Audience: gambling nariks, who still have grandmothers after three axes, forex and other scam.

Yobit is the most stable project of all CIS immigrants. Great fellows, subtly feel their audience.

4. Exchanges earning on I / O from cards.

There were dozens of these; they had their own payment gateways from the VisaMaster. The story died when the Israeli simplex appeared. Simplex provides any crypto-exchange the opportunity to buy crypto from cards.
That is, buying from cards has ceased to be a chip. The exchanges that lived on the input are dead.

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In fact, that’s all. Everything else does not work. Just because nobody needs a dick. It turns out beautiful and dead sites.

Below are traffic statistics, unique user visits per month. Statistics from Alexa.

The first two are exmo and yobit, about which I spoke above. Below are “exchanges with their own ideas,” sawing something for years, but without users.

exmo.me - 1.830.000 people
yobit.net - 2,350,000 people

deex.exchange - 18.000
xena. exchange - 11.800
bitlish.com - 11.600
utex.io - 10.700
huobi.com.ru - 2.800

At the same time, the owners of stillborn exchanges sometimes have an order of magnitude greater ambition than the owners of the living and bring lave to fig.


With crypto in the CIS, and around the world, nothing has changed in a couple of years.

There is:
- Chinese and trade traffic, large deals for cash
- drug trafficking
- gamers

Do not know how to work with any of the above - do not cut the stock exchange. Unless, of course, there is a task to merge the budget with an imitation of violent activity.

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