May 25, 2022

The Advocacy Company has added bitcoin payments

In the industry of cryptocurrencies, another interesting event has occurred - the American company Corporate Intelligence Services for the collection of commercial of data and distribution of assets and liabilities announced that she had started accepting payments in bitcoins to maintain their long-term obligations (B2B) between

As indicated in the press release, the company team has created a co-op bitcoin wallet to allow its department to collect the necessary parts.

A company that declares what it uses in itsthe activity of technology with an open source code, confirmed that it was decided to admit to the crypto movement, because the digital currencies, such as the bitcoin, is

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"Bitcoin has many advantages before checksand credit cards. Transfers are subject to an instant test and do not require a third-party mediator. P2P transactions have significantly lower commissions, except that there is no counterpart here that could cancel the transaction or return the payment or return the payment.

Corporate Intelligence Services, with its offices in Atlanta and Konkopa, aims to bring the dreams of its customers to life by helping them to return what they are entitled to.