April 21, 2024

Thai police arrest more than 20 cryptocurrency scam call center employees

Thai law enforcement authorities detained 24 Chinese residents in a suburb of Bangkok. They are suspected oforganizing a cryptocurrency fraudulent scheme.


The Immigration Police Bureau seized 61 laptops, more than 420 mobile phones and several routers.

Employees signed a three-month contract withthe head of the underground enterprise and handed over passports. The monthly salary was $ 710. Their work allegedly consisted in convincing Chinese investors to invest in bitcoin at unprofitable prices.

In other regions of Thailand this year, police also opened several call centers focused on cheating the Chinese.

Recall that in September, Thailand's largest bitcoin exchange Bitcoin Co. closed Ltd. According to ForkLog, the cause could be pressure from regulators with the assistance of a new market player.

The largest bitcoin exchange in Thailand announced the closure, but did not name the reason