September 23, 2023

Tezos Blockchain Held Third Update

Tezos Blockchain Held Third Update

The Tezos network has successfully switched to the Carthage protocol. This is the third system-wide update to the Tezos protocol since it appearance in 2018.

The first two network updates were known asAthens and Babylon. The Athens update, which took place in May last year, provided high network bandwidth by increasing the computational limits for Tezos blocks.

Babylon was introduced in October 2019. He made improvements to the network matching algorithm, increased the efficiency of the management system and simplified the development of smart contracts, making the code simpler and more understandable.

The Carthage upgrade was first announced in November.last year, and CryptiumLabs and NomadicLabs took up its development. Carthage complements the already versatile Babylon protocol, and also fixes minor bugs. The most significant improvements that will appear on the Tezos network are a revised remuneration formula and an increase in the gas limit, which will allow the network to fulfill more smart contracts.

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