November 30, 2023

Tesla cars will soon be able to talk with pedestrians

Tesla cars will soon be able to talk with pedestrians

Elon Musk said that soon Tesla electric car drivers will be able to communicate with the outside world through external speakers.

The new feature will allow the driver to reportpedestrians or passersby about their intentions without opening the window. With the help of speakers it will also be possible to quickly warn inattentive pedestrians or scare away intruders without leaving the car. 

Since the CEO did not provide details about the future innovation, it is not yet known for sure whether the system will allow direct conversations with people outside or automaticallyuse artificial speech as signals, for example, warning about the inclusion of reverse gear.

However, according to Elon Musk, he will not be surprised if drivers start using this feature for entertainment or joking with passers-by.

Tesla is working to improve many other systems in its vehicles. The company is also developing an electromagnetic wiper system for windshields.