February 24, 2021

Tesla bought bitcoin on Coinbase OTC

Tesla bought bitcoin on Coinbase OTC

American crypto exchange Coinbase helps large companies invest in bitcoin.

This month Tesla released a financial report, which indicated that the company invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin as part of a "new investment policy to increase the return on funds in the reserve."

A source from TheBlock reports that the purchase process was extended over several days in the first week of February, and was carried out on the Coinbase OTC market.

Likewise, Coinbase handled a purchaseMicroStrategy. The investment amount was split into many small orders, which were placed over several days. This is done in order to minimize the impact on the BTC price.

Coinbase serves at least five other Fortune 500 companies, according to the source.

Recall that in December, the American crypto exchange announced its intention to conduct a public offering of shares through a direct listing.

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