April 21, 2024

Terra Crypto 2020 Online Conference May 19

Terra Crypto 2020 Online Conference May 19

Terra Crypto is an international online conference that plans to bring together representatives of differentcountries from the CIS and Asia to improve the bridge of interactions between countries.

A key feature of the forum is its focus on the market, which allows you to collect a specialized audience that is interested in mining.

What awaits you on May 19:

Two panel discussions that wereexperts from BITMAIN, ViaBTC, Canaan, BTC.com and independent experts from large companies who have formed an expert name in the mining niche are invited:

  • Mining in the CIS, Asia and North America: differences, pros, cons, potential
  •  How to stay profitable after the 2020 halving?

Among the speakers will be:

  • Jason Zhuang – CEO of BTC.com;
  • Peter Tylchinsky – SVP for Business Development at Minebest;
  • Igor Runets &#8211; CEO of BitRiver;
  • Johnny Yao &#8211; VP of Sales at Canaan;
  • Eddie Jiang &#8211; Marketing Director ViaBTC &amp; COO CoinEx;
  • Anton Dementor &#8211; CIO of MskMiner;
  • Daniel Beduchi Fracasso &#8211; miner from Paraguay with extensive experience in this field.

The conference will be broadcast on the following platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Bilibili. Participation will be free.

Details about the conference can be found here.