November 29, 2023

Telegram v. SEC introduces new member

Telegram v. SEC introduces new member

According to legal documents filed with the SEC, the New York court asked the English High Court toto interrogate John Hyman, a former Morgan Stanley investor and current TON investment manager in the United Kingdom.

Hyman is supposed to have an importantGram Token ICO Information. According to SEC, the banker corresponded with Gram investors, confirmed the details of the transaction and constantly informed them about the progress of the Telegram ICO, as evidenced by many emails.

At the moment, Hyman does not want to cooperate with the US agency. However, the SEC has gathered enough evidence to turn to legal institutions in the UK for support.

Hyman moved to the UK after being firedfrom Telegram. Despite his dismissal, according to the SEC, he continues to act as an intermediary between Telegram and exchanges that might list the token in the future. Because of this, the SEC considers Hyman a very important witness who can provide compelling evidence that an illegal sale of securities was conducted by Telegram. 

SEC and Telegram must meet in court inFebruary 2020. In late October, the commission issued a temporary restraining order against Telegram Group Inc., and its subsidiary Ton Issuer. The US regulator accused both organizations of conducting an initial offering of unregistered securities. As a result, the SEC filed a lawsuit in the Southern District Court of New York.