October 1, 2022

Telegram is no longer anonymous: the Russian Interior Ministry has developed a deanonymizer

Telegram is no longer anonymous: the Russian Interior Ministry has developed a deanonymizer

Anonymity is what Telegram compares favorably with other messengers, but all the good things sooner or later. ends. Russian law enforcement agencies can now easily find out the name, phone number, smartphone model, and even the user's address. This is reported by Izvestia.

The end of Telegram anonymity?

Tracking takes place through a whole “base” of bots,which can pretend to be users, communities, and various services. Each of them collects any potentially useful information about the user, after which the data is collected together and allows law enforcement agencies to establish the identity of the person. These bots were developed by the private company Internet Search.

Even if you do not succeed, the availableenough information to create a "digital cast" of the user. With its help it will be possible to obtain additional data through the services that it uses: online stores, various sites, etc. At the moment, there is no law that would oblige companies to share such information, but we all perfectly understand that they will do it.

Law enforcement agencies for quite some timeuse deanonymizer. There were cases when with its help it was possible to catch even experienced hackers encrypted under a VPN and Tor connection. However, if you use an account on the "left SIM", the bots will be useless.

Now the Ministry of Internal Affairs is actively using the deanonymizer forthe capture of drug dealers on Telegram. It’s too early to talk about the widespread distribution of this software, but law enforcement agencies can easily scale it to the entire Telegram audience in Russia. How this will take into account the rights of law-abiding citizens is not clear. The tool essentially gives you the ability to follow everyone, and this is alarming.

In addition to drug trafficking, law enforcementauthorities involved deanonymizer in more serious matters. With his help, they managed to catch the killer of police lieutenant colonel Evgenia Shishkina. Using bots, they determined the phone number and location of the user, which led to the arrest.

So talk about Telegram anonymityno longer have to. No matter how you encrypt, law enforcement officers can find almost any person. I wonder if Pavel Durov will comment on this situation?