June 18, 2024

Telegram filed a new petition in court to dismiss the SEC lawsuit

Telegram has filed another petition in the District Court of the State of New York. Telegram again asks the court to dismiss the lawsuitSecurities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to ban the sale of Gram tokens.

In its petition, Telegram denies all allegations by the SEC that Gram tokens are unregistered securities that were sold to investors in violation of the law.

Telegram lawyers say the company heldICO is lawful, and part of the funds received was directed to the development and launch of the TON platform. Lawyers noted that despite a certain number of tokens sold, they have not yet been issued and distributed among investors. Moreover, after the launch of the TON blockchain, Gram tokens will be cryptocurrency, not securities.

One of the main specialists of SEC Stephen Paykin(Steven Peikin) believes that token issuers will not be able to evade compliance with US federal securities laws by simply calling their product cryptocurrency or a digital token.

“Telegram intends to take full advantage of a public offering without complying with established requirements aimed at protecting investors,” — said Steven Peikin.

Telegram, in turn, accuses the Commission ofshe commits biased and arbitrary actions in the new legal industry, without providing clear guidance and notifying what exactly constitutes a violation of the securities law. Moreover, in its appeal to the court, Telegram stated that it began to interact with the Commission on a voluntary basis, hoping to receive instructions from it in order to avoid possible violations. This led to the fact that the SEC did not provide any recommendations, but sent a lawsuit to the court demanding enforcement.

Recall that the hearing on the SEC lawsuit against TelegramIt was originally scheduled for October 24, but was later rescheduled for February next year. Despite this, TON investors refused to return the invested funds until the situation with the allegations by the SEC clears up, and are ready to wait for the platform to launch before April 30.