September 25, 2023

Telegram does not plan to integrate TON Wallet into the application

Telegram does not plan to integrate TON Wallet into the application

In a statement released yesterday, Telegram representatives emphasized that they did not plan to integrate the wallet. TON into your messaging app.

According to the statement, the TON Wallet application, designed to store Gram tokens, will be a standalone service independent of Telegram Messenger.

In addition, yesterday’s statement stated thatthe company will not control the TON blockchain. The company is not obligated to develop any applications for the main TON network. Responsibility for the development and implementation of such applications, as well as for the use of smart contracts, lies with the community and third-party companies.

Company representatives said that onGram tokens do not exist today, so all offers for their sale are fraudulent schemes. After the issue, tokens will not provide the holder with the right to receive dividends, profits or participate in the administration of Telegram, since they are not securities.

The company and its three employees are currentlyincluding CEO Pavel Durov, are awaiting a court hearing initiated by the SEC. According to the commission, the company violated the law by not registering assets as securities.

Recall that last week Telegram rejected the SEC request for financial documents related to the $ 1.7 billion token sale.