June 6, 2023

Ted Cruz: I buy some bitcoin every Monday morning

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Ted Cruz: I buy some bitcoin every Monday morning

The American senator admitted that he is a bitcoin investor and regularly invests in the first cryptocurrency.

“Now I have a little over two bitcoins,but every Monday they get a little more,” announced Ted Cruz, speaking to the participants of the event dedicated to Bitcoin (Bitcoin Policy Summit).

The Republican senator assured that he is adamant inhis belief that bitcoin is “alpha in the cryptosphere”. The policy is reassured by the 21 million bitcoin limit that was embedded in this digital currency at the time of its creation.

Addressing the panellists, Cruz noted,which considers such a limit as a protection against inflation of the asset. Especially when US politicians are printing paper money at an alarming rate, coupled with the US Federal Reserve's relentless rate hikes.

"I'm a long-term investor, so I'm fine with some volatility and I understand there will be ups and downs, but 21 million is a solid number," the senator said.

In March, Ted Cruz introduced a billprohibiting the Fed from launching its own digital currency targeted at retail clients. The politician said that the prepared bill would prevent the federal government from using the digital dollar for financial supervision of citizens.