April 25, 2024

Tech analysts: bitcoin and gold are preparing to simultaneously update highs

According to CoinDesk Markets analysts, bitcoin and gold may soon update 2020 highs.

In particular, theyWe are sure that the exit of the BTC price from the downward expanding wedge will make it possible to pass the level of $ 10 500.


At the same time, the implementation of the Pennant trend continuation pattern is visible on the daily gold chart:


Now gold is testing the January maximum at around $ 1,611 and, analysts are sure, can soon reach new heights.

A recent Kraken report states that Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a defensive asset:

“The correlation withUS gold, oil and treasury bonds suggest that the Iran-US conflict and the outbreak of coronavirus affected Bitcoin, confirming the thesis that it is an alternative to traditional financial assets at risk "

Earlier, Bitcoin and gold will grow amid geopolitical tensions, said Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz.