January 28, 2023

Switch to Hodl Hodl: How to switch from another exchange

Hodl Hodl continues a series of educational posts dedicated to traders who trade on other P2P venues but are familiar or not very familiar with Hodl Hodl.

This “Go to Hodl Hodl” series explains how to upgrade to Hodl Hodl from another P2P exchange.

Step one

... trivial, it does not exist, all that youneed to do - go. Hodl Hodl is a peer-to-peer exchange, with functionality similar to other P2P exchanges. Moreover, we are trying to remove the transition barriers for our users.

To switch to Hodl Hodl, you only need an account, you can trade as soon as it is.

For those who still have questions after reading this series of articles, we would like to summarize and emphasize the following:

Account Registration free, registration takes 30 seconds. Immediately after registration, anyone can create offers and conduct contracts:

  • Hodl Hodl does not carry out KYC / AML procedures, therefore you do not need to go through verification;
  • Hodl Hodl does not store funds, so you do not need to send us your cryptocurrency in advance in order to create an offer or hold a contract.

Creation of an offer free, no need to send a deposit or pass verification; everyone can create an offer and start trading.

Contracts not significantly different from contracts on othersplatforms: the biggest difference is that we do not store funds, in each contract the seller sends bitcoins to escrow directly from his wallet, and the buyer receives bitcoins from escrow directly to his wallet.

Everything else remains the same: the seller blocks the bitcoins, the buyer pays the seller and the seller displays the bitcoins to the buyer.

Disputes Hodl Hodl employees decide, and the process is not much different from other platforms.

We take full responsibility for solving problems, after which, the party in whose direction the dispute is being decided can return (receive) blocked bitcoins.

Add information from other exchanges it’s partially possible: you can already link your Localbitcoins and Paxful profile to your Hodl Hodl profile to share your existing reputation with our customers (and get a reduced exchange commission 0% per month)

In the near future we plan to addadditional functions, such as copying existing offers, reputation transfer and other additional functions that are on other platforms, but not with us.

Payment Methods and the currencies that you can use for trading are unlimited due to the nature of our exchange: you trade with other people, not with us.

If you want to offer a new payment method, see the previous post in this series.

Moreover, we have no prohibitions on payment methods (some platforms have limitations) and you can also trade for cash through us.

Global availability one of our advantages, the only country in which we do not work is US.

With us you can trade and exchange bitcoins for fiat or cryptocurrency around the world.

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