June 25, 2024

Swiss watchmaker Breitling introduces counterfeit blockchain

Breitling, one of the oldest manufacturers of Swiss luxury watches, willUse blockchain toVerification of the limited edition Top Time collection.

According to company management, Breitling decidedimplement blockchain in their business processes to prevent the spread of fake Top Time watches, which the company released in the amount of 2,000 pieces. To protect buyers from fraud, Breitling began using the blockchain solution of the independent Paris consortium Arianee, specializing in digital identification of luxury goods.

Instead of a paper certificate to Top Time customersa digital passport will be provided, confirming the uniqueness of the purchased goods. Owners of watches will receive an electronic warranty card with a QR code, which can be scanned to download a digital certificate of the product, detailed information about the serial number and date of activation of the warranty. Owners of Top Time will be able to transfer their ownership of the product, and this data will also be recorded on the blockchain.

Head of Digital TransformationBreitling Antonio Carriero believes that working with Arianee and introducing the blockchain will allow the company to establish more trusting relationships with customers who will no longer be afraid of acquiring fakes. Moreover, the blockchain will provide a high level of communication with customers without violating their privacy.

Earlier this month, British brand SarahRegensburger announced plans to implement the VeChain blockchain solution for tracking the supply chain of clothes, and the Japanese company EY Japan began developing a platform based on the SAKE Blockchain blockchain to track the sake supply chain and combat counterfeit products.