September 23, 2023

Survey: 36.5 million Americans own cryptocurrency

Survey: 36.5 million Americans own cryptocurrency

The number of Americans who entrusted their savings to cryptocurrencies doubled this year.

Such data showed an Australian financial company among 2068 respondents. It demonstrates that approximately 36.5 million US citizens converted funds to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, while 55.4% of BTC owners also invest in other altcoins.

From the surveyed digital currency holders,The most common reason was investment goals. 61% of respondents reported that they invested in crypto assets for profit. About 2 out of 5 crypto holders (29.3%) use coins for cross-border transfers, 26.5% consider crypto assets as an alternative to traditional banks.

Men are more likely to invest in crypto than women - 19% of men hold cryptocurrency, and only 10% of the women surveyed.

The amounts in the cryptocurrency wallets of the respondents vary from 360 to 5447 dollars.

For 23% of respondents, cryptocurrency representstoo much risk. The growth in the number of people with cryptocurrency is undoubtedly a positive factor for the industry, but the vast majority of Americans are not yet ready to invest in a new type of asset.