June 19, 2024

Study: 36% of Americans are confident in the future of cryptocurrencies

Study: 36% of Americans are confident in the future of cryptocurrencies

Most Americans are well aware of digital assets.

Several sociological studiescarried out recently, confidentlyindicate that the spread of cryptocurrencies in society is increasing in the United States. Thus, according to a YouGov study, 79% of Americans know about Bitcoin, and a third of those surveyed are confident that no later than the next ten years Bitcoin will become a mass phenomenon. It is worth noting that according to YouGov, of the 79% of Americans who know about Bitcoin, 11% have invested in it.

36% of Americans believe that in the near futurethey will be able to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. Indeed, there is a movement on the business side: on average, about 10% of US companies that sell goods and provide services to the public in the US have begun to accept cryptocurrencies, according to Chainalysis. This is supported by such striking examples as the recent exchange by the New York real estate agency Magnum Real Estate of an elite house in the business capital of the United States for bitcoins in the equivalent of $15.3 million.

This correlates with data from another study conducted by Crypto Radar, which is quoted by analyst Pierre Rocheard: 6.2% of Americans own bitcoins, and 7.3% plan to purchase them.

Often even the dynamics are very important: according to another study by Finder, in 2019 the level of ownership of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, among Americans increased: from 7.95% to 14.45%, while the average amount of ownership of digital assets in terms of US dollars is about 360 dollars.

The greatest interest in buying such a cryptocurrencyhow Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 show how bitcoin is (8.8% on average, and 11.6% if we consider only male respondents), and the smallest is older than 65 years. In the first social category, along with the desire to buy bitcoin, there is a high level of unwillingness to deal with securities, exchanges, as well as a greater interest in working with crypto exchanges.