March 8, 2021

State debt of Ukraine rose to $ 90 billion

State debt of Ukraine rose to $ 90 billion

Ukrainian government continues to accumulate debt amid economic recession and depreciation dollar.

According to official data, the national debt onthe end of 2020 is estimated at UAH 2,551.94 trillion, or $ 90.26 billion. This means that over the past year, public debt has grown by $ 6.05 billion.

The bulk of the debt is formed by external loans -$ 53.72 billion. Domestic loans account for $ 36.53 billion. Another item - guarantees for borrowing from other borrowers - is $ 10 billion.

A third of the country's budget goes to service such an amount of public debt. Over the past year, each Ukrainian paid 3 thousand hryvnia, or $ 106, out of his own pocket to pay off payments on the state debt.

Last year, covering the state debt cost the treasury 357.4 billion hryvnia. Every seventh hryvnia from the state budget was spent on its repayment.

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